flooring projects done right

reduce your stress knowing that Birdtown Flooring is running your flooring project
any project, any size. they all matter to Birdtown Flooring

Since we were established, we have completed over 330 different flooring projects in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding Twin Cities Metro areas. Clients have requested everything from a elegant bathroom remodel, to a commercial apartment complex. Commercial to residential – we do it all.

Many times, the pitfall of a remodel project is communication. The contractor is left to order materials, but they are trying to juggle multiple projects. And let’s face it, they really just want to “swing a hammer.”  When your phone calls are not being returned promptly, you are left wondering and worrying if your floors will ever get done.

Birdtown Flooring is different. We value communication. We position ourselves as the project manager for your flooring needs so that way the installer has clear instructions. You are never left wondering what is happening next; your calls will be returned promptly!

Whether you are looking for a quick repair in your hallway, or a new vinyl pattern in your bathroom, we have you covered. We have completed over 300 flooring projects ranging from residential to commercial properties. Whether you prefer carpet, vinyl, hardwood, or laminate, we can find your perfect match and get your floors installed quickly and stress free.